Nadia's Tiramisù

Nadia's Tiramisù

Debate on the origins of tiramisù has been going on for some centuries, rumor has it this sweet dessert that is loved by everyone is Tuscan. If we take this as a fact and not a legend we can't not mention it in this our blog so here's the recipe.


250 g of italian Mascarpone

250 g of whipped cream

Savoiardi biscuits (as many as you need)

3 Eggs yolk

3 tbs of Sugar

Espresso Coffee for 6 people

Powder cocoa

Nadia's Method

First beat the sugar with the egg yolks. Add the mascarpone little by little and keep on beating. Beat the whipped cream until its firm and add them slowly to the yolks-sugar and mascarpone you prepared previously. Now that you're done with the more complicated part of the recipe all you have to do is dip your biscuits briefly into the espresso coffee and began creating a single layer at the bottom of you cake plate. Then add the cream and a second layer of soaked biscuits, after the second layer of cream sprinkle with the powder cocoa and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

Tradition states that Vin Santo should be consumed as a dessert wine, with a dried baked good, particularly sweets from Siena. The perfect combination is with Tuscan cantucci, but why not try it with this fabulous dessert?

Enjoy it!

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