Theme of the Shipment: “FAMILY-RUN WINERIES"

These wines have been selected by Francesco. We firmly believe that this selection represents the best we can offer in this price range. We are proud to present each one of these wines and we hope you will enjoy them till the last drop. Each bottle will be paired with an iconic song that reflects the personality of the wine.

  • Il Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino Docg 2018 Song: Thank You by Led Zeppelin.The ‘Marroneto fever’ has taken the wine industry by the storm in the last 10 years. The estate, led by Alessandro Mori, and now joined by the 3rd generation of the family Iacopo, has become the highest-reviewed and most-wanted wine in Montalcino. The wines of Il Marroneto are synonymous of the elegance, finesse and depth of Sangiovese grape. Color is light garnet with shades of ruby, the bouquet is a masterclass of Sangiovese: fresh violet, maraschino cherry, mediterranean scrub such as rosemary and juniper, mulberry, orange peel and lavender. The palate confirms the stunning quality: vibrant and fulfilling, with a silky tannin and a savory, never-ending finish of maraschino cherry with a balsamic aftertaste. This is gem of rare beauty made me exceed my budget for the Platinum selection, but I am committed to repay with love and great wines the trust and gratitude to our members, for saving my family business during the hard times of the pandemic. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2029. Open 3h before. Price range $115

  • Fuligni Brunello di Montalcino Docg 2018 Song: Careless Whisper by George Michael. One of the very top Brunellos by one of the most iconic and historical estates of Montalcino. The prestigious Fuligni family of noble descent has established themselves in this Tuscan town at the beginning of the 20th Century with Mr. Giovanni Maria Fuligni. Now, under the fearless leadership of his daughter Mrs. Maria Flora Fuligni since 1971, the estate has become the pinnacle of wine production in Montalcino for its top-quality wines, producing some of the finest Sangioveses in the world. Red Ruby color with shades of garnet, the wine offers a palate of overwhelming elegance and impeccable quality: ripe cherry, red currant, aromatic herbs, an high-quality earthy scent of mushroom, juniper, peony and a slight note of licorice. The taste confirms a quintessential elegance: a gentle warmth caresses the palate, with a perfectly integrated tannin and a never-ending finish of red fruits and ink. 2018 is a vintage that can be enjoyed now despite its youth and Fuligni made a wine that whispers to the soul, a spectacular Brunello that lives up to the fame of the estate. 100% Sangiovese. 2bts in shipment. Drink Through 2023-2029. Open 3h before. Price range $90

  • Scarzello Barolo Cru ‘Sarmassa Vigna Merenda’ Docg 2019 Song: Sirat Al Bunduqiyyah by Paolo Conte. The Scarzellos, winemakers in Barolo since 1947, have always followed the traditional style in order to produce authentic and expressive wines. Now led by Federico, the estate, which is only 11 acres of vineyard, has become one of the points of reference for ‘Old school’ Barolos. This stunning Barolo is the extraordinary result of the combination between one of the best Single Vineyards of Langhe and one of the top vintages for the area. Light garnet color, the bouquet is a stunning crescendo, perfectly played by a symphonic orchestra of flavors: wild rose, maraschino cherry, plum, candied orange zest, balm, cinnamon, truffle, chocolate. Palate is fulfilling and extraordinarily elegant having a triumph of flavors such as truffle, wild rose and maraschino, with a majestic tannin perfectly carved in this symphony of aromas, for a never-ending finish. 100% Nebbiolo. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2030. Open 3h before. Price Range $85

  • Ricci Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Docg 2015 Song: Let’s Get it On by Marvin Gaye. The Ricci family, now with the siblings Ferruccio & Ida, is the proprietor of one of the oldest winemaking estates in Montalcino, located precisely in the small town of Sant’Angelo in Colle. While their vineyards are noticed for the beautiful roses that are planted as an early warning system in case of diseases of the vines, their wines represent the generosity of the Sangiovese from the western side of Montalcino. Red Ruby color, rich bouquet of maraschino cherry, black currant, blackberries candy, candied orange zest, ripe violet, eucalyptus, leather. Palate is fleshy and luscious, balanced with the mouthwatering freshness typical of Brunello, with an explosion of red fleshed fruits, violet and a balsamic aftertaste of eucalyptus, ending with a majestic tannin typical of 2015 vintage. Intense and voluptuous like the iconic voice of Marvin Gaye. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2027. Open 5h Before. Price: $60

  • Antonelli San Marco Sagrantino di Montefalco Cru ‘La Chiusa di Pannone’ Docg 2018 Song: Lord of This World by Black Sabbath. Proprietors of the estate since 1881, the Antonelli family is still actively managing the winery in the region of Umbria, the ‘Green Heart of Italy’. I am happy for the debut of Umbrian wines and Sagrantino grape within the Perbacco Wine Club. The rich soil of Montefalco, combined with the strength of one of the most tannic grapes in the world, gives birth to a powerful, luscious wine. Intense in color, bouquet and taste, this Single-Vineyard shows all the muscles of Sagrantino, in its terroir of election, Montefalco. Intense red ruby color with a complex bouquet of wild rose, black currant, blackberry, chocolate, balm, cinnamon, black tea, dried figs, black pepper, mint and leather. Palate is energetic, broad, with aromas of crushed blackberries, wild rose, black tea, with a grippy tannin that can only be tamed by time. A full bodied wine by definition, Sagrantino can also offer an extraordinary complexity such as this wonderful Single-Vineyard. Perfectly paired with grilled meat, dark chocolate and Black Sabbath Hard Rock music. 100% Sagrantino. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2030. Open 4h before. Price range $47 

  • Tiberini Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Cru ‘Vigne Vecchie’ Docg 2017 Song: La Traviata / Act 1: Libiamo ne’lieti Calici by Giuseppe Verdi ft Luciano Pavarotti. The story of the Tiberini family, former sharecroppers who have achieved to buy the farm after decades of hard labor, is a summary of the economy and culture of the 20th century in Tuscany. Located in one of the best areas of Montepulciano, the 5th, 6th and 7th generations of Tiberini produce a traditional Vino Nobile, that reflects the legacy of the family and the terroir where it’s produced. This is one of the 3 single-vineyards of the winery and it is made with vines planted in the year 1918, more than a 100 years old! The result is an extraordinary concentrated and powerful wine. The Old Vines give an incredible result despite the challenging 2017 vintage, during which they have overcome the frost of April and the drought of the Summer, thanks to the deep roots developed in the last century. The wine presents itself like and impeccably carved Carrara Marble statue by a Renaissance artist. The bouquet is almost mystical, of extraordinary complexity with notes of ink, graphite, pomegranate, candied orange peel, black currants, licorice, leather, tobacco, cocoa and a balsamic touch of balm. Palate is luscious and succulent, with a surprisingly refreshing taste of currants and a majestic tannin with  infinite persistence having an aftertaste of Jasmine tea and mushroom. 90% Sangiovese, 5% Mammolo, 5% Canaiolo. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through: 2023-2030. Open 4h before. Price range $69

  • Cipressi Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva Docg 2018Song: For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield. I Cipressi is a 12 acres estate in the heart of Montepulciano, where the Frangiosas run the two-men show, in a typical father and son partnership that combines the experience of Luigi with the energy of Manuel. Produced in the extremely limited edition of 1,400bts, the Nobile Riserva from I Cipressi shines in the glass with a beautiful red ruby color. The bouquet is intense and complex, with notes of black currant, blackberry, Jasmine tea, chocolate, cinnamon, tobacco and a scent of candied orange zest. Palate is luscious, with a mouthwatering freshness typical of great Sangioveses and a firm, yet perfectly integrated tannin, with a succulent finish of red currant and maraschino cherry. A wine that perfectly sums up Vino Nobile, with a Rock personality but extremely sophisticated. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2028. Open 3h before. Price range $37

  • Gulfi Cru ‘NeroSanlore’ Sicilia Doc 2010 Song: The Ecstasy of Gold (Original Soundtrack of ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’) by Ennio Morricone.The vision of Gulfi takes shape in 1996, with the dream of Mr. Vito Catania, whose goal was to bring the family's olive oil and wine farm to a whole new level, producing great wines in an area of Sicily where vineyards have existed for more than 2000 years. Now led by Vito’s sons Matteo, Davide & Raffaele, Gulfi produces some of the best Nero d’Avolas in the world. NeroSanloré is one of the 4 crus of Nero d’Avola in Pachino, that gives birth to this elegant and mineral wine. This fabulous wine recalls the warm Mediterranean summers of Sicily, with its intense smells and flavors: cherry under spirit, candied orange peel, Mediterranean scrub such as sage, rosemary and lavender, ripe pomegranate and a brackish side of sea breeze. Palate is elegant and savory, despite the 13 years of age it is still fresh and vibrant, with a mouthwatering taste of pomegranate and candied orange with recalls to Mediterranean scrub, for an intense finish and a creamy tannin of majestic finesse. A wine that confirms the greatness of Nero d’Avola and surprises for longevity and elegance, perfectly paired with the music from the greatest Italian music composer of the last 2 centuries, the Maestro Morricone.100% Nero d’Avola. 1bt in Shipment . Drink through 2023-2026. Open 4h before. Price $78

  • Piaggia Carmignano Riserva Docg 2020 Song: That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Located in the historical winemaking area of Carmignano, where Cabernet Sauvignon was imported from France and blended with Sangiovese almost 500 years ago, Mauro Vannucci started the winery in the 70s, with the goal of producing high quality wines in this glorious appellation. Silvia Vannucci is now taking care of the ‘family business’ and she led the estate to be a point of reference for the whole Carmignano appellation. I am usually not a big fan of Sangiovese blended with international grapes but Carmignano has a glorious history with Cabernet, which is treated like a local varietal. This wine is to me a perfect compromise between big, bold Supertuscans and vibrant Sangiovese: Cabernet is predominant in the nose, while Sangiovese offers a fresh and rhythmical structure. Deep Ruby with intense notes of roasted red pepper, blueberries, orange zest, dried plum, coffe, chocolate and balm. The grippy tannin of Cabernet Sauvignon, is well balanced by a refreshing sensation of blueberries, coffe and balm, for a long lasting finish of great intensity, a pure Rock’n’Roll attitude! 70% Sangiovese, 30% Cab.Sauv, Cab.Franc, Petit Verdot. 1bt in Shipment. DrinkThrough 2023-2028.Open 3h before. Price range $50