Theme of the Shipment: “COOL CLIMATES: THE ELEGANCE"

These wines have been selected by Francesco, who firmly believes that this selection represents the best we can offer in this price range. We are proud to present each one of these wines and we hope you will enjoy them till the last drop. Each bottle will be paired with an iconic song that reflects the personality of the wine.

  • Podere le Ripi Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2019 ‘Cielo d‘Ulisse‘

    Song: The House of The Rising Sunby The Animals. Love, craziness, experimentation, expressiveness and simplicity: this is the perfect recipe applied by this biodynamic estate, led by the winemaker Sebastian Nasello, one of the stars in the firmament of Montalcino. The north-west vineyard of Le Ripi, surrounded by luscious forests that guarantee a cool shelter from warm summers, gives birth to this great ‘cool climate‘ Brunello di Montalcino. Intense ruby red, the wine offers a complex bouquet with notes of black currants, blackberry, withered violets, dark chocolate, candied orange peel, tobacco, mushrooms and an intriguing note of pinewood. Palate is Rock, rich, persistent, layered with flavors of currants, mushroom and pine, with a majestic tannin that leads to a succulent, lingering finish with a good mineral push. Podere le Ripi never disappoints. Production is limited to 16‘000 bts. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2024-2030. Open 3h Before. Price Range $62

  • Podere le Ripi Toscana IGT Rosso 2022 'Attenti al Lupo’

    Song: Revolution by The Beatles. This Sangiovese is a revolutionary experimentation for Brunelloland. Whole-bunch fermented with no pump-overs, creating a semi-carbonic environment in the cask almost similar to the Beaujolais Nouveau style. The bouquet is intense and recalls the smells of a cellar right after the harvest, as if the winemaker captured all the aromas of the fermenting casks in the bottle: the wine opens with a dominant note of blackberry, then a progression of balsamic hints of eucalyptus and wet forest, potpourri, sweet chocolate and maraschino cherry. Palate is energetic, vibrant, with firm tannins that are overwhelmed by a long aftertaste of black currants, blackberry and Jasmine tea. Production is limited to 12’000 bts. 100% Sangiovese (whole-bunch fermented). 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2024-2025. Open 2h Before. Price Range $30

  • San Guglielmo Brunello di Montalcino Docg 2019

    Song: Shallow by Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper. A star is born! I cannot hold the excitement for the discovery of this young family-run estate in Montalcino, led by Ilaria and her husband Michael, with its elegant Sangioveses and its unique heart-shaped vineyard. Located in the most wooded area of Montalcino, San Guglielmo was founded in 2016, from the vineyard previously planted by Ilaria’s father, who is still present in the everyday life of the winery with his experience and dedication. A Brunello of great finesse, trademark of the winery, with notes of violets, Maraschino, red currants, herbaceous with notes of dried leaves, tobacco, leather and a mineral touch of crushed stones due to the rocky soil. Palate is energetic and approachable, extremely elegant. Tannins are polished and a good sapidity intertwines with a refreshing finish of mushroom and Maraschino. A Cool Climate Brunello that whispers to my soul with a vibrating Blues/Jazz attitude. Production is limited to 6'000bts. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2024-2030. Open 3h Before. Price Range $63

  • San Guglielmo Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2021

    Song: The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala. This Rosso di Montalcino shines in the glass with a bright red ruby color. It opens with notes of crunchy cherry, red currants, violet, undergrowth and a scent of pink pepper. Palate is refreshing and elegant with a sapid finish and a long aftertaste of currants and violet. Another Rosso di Montalcino with a defined Rock/Pop personality that takes a different direction than its ‘older brother’ Brunello, for a more lighthearted and playful version of Sangiovese in Montalcino. Production is limited to 3'000 bts. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2024-2027. Open 2h before. Price Range $30

  • Castell’in Villa Chianti Classico DOCG 2019

    Song: Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones. Castell’in Villa is a monument to Chianti Classico and the Princess Coralia Pignatelli della Leonessa is the sculptress of this masterpiece. Fearless leader of this historic estate from 1968, the Princess has shaped every wine made in the winery since then, taking Castell’in Villa to the top of the firmament of Italian wine. Every Chianti Classico by Castell’in Villa is an ode to Sangiovese and this 2019 shines for its impeccable quality and authenticity. Ruby red color, the wine opens with the intensity of 2019 vintage, with notes of black cherry, black currants, withered violets, tobacco, leather, scorched earth and a note of wet forest. Palate is rich, yet elegant and juicy, with woodsy notes of underbrush, a grippy yet perfectly integrated tannin and a lingering finish of black fruits. A Rock/Blues masterpiece, like my favorite Rolling Stones ballad. Everything you need to know about Chianti Classico in a glass, for a timeless wine. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2024-2031. Open 4h Before. Price Range $42

  • Podere della Bruciata Toscana IGT Rosso 2019 Pugnitello ‘Tizzo’

    Song: Breathless by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Pugnitello is the ‘Forgotten Tuscan grape’, saved from extinction by the University of Florence in the 80s, when it was identified as a good local alternative to Merlot, used in the Chianti blend to give Sangiovese color and structure. With the climate shift into warmer temperatures and the tendency to have mono-varietal Sangiovese wines, following the example of Brunello, Pugnitello is often vinified on its own in small, rare productions, such as this version from Podere della Bruciata by Andrea Rossi, in Montepulciano. Intense red ruby with purple reflections, the wine opens with a marked note of tart cherry, blackberry, chocolate, blood orange and a touch of licorice. Palate is enjoyable, with gentle and well integrated tannins and a sapid finish that is the trademark of La Bruciata, for a long, succulent aftertaste of maraschino cherry. Definitely the most elegant Pugnitello I have ever tasted. Production is limited to 3’000 bts. 100% Pugnitello. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2024-2027. Open 2h before. Price Range $29.

  • Il Molinaccio Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG 2019 ‘La Spinosa’

    Song: Blue Moon by Billie Holiday. A bestseller in the history of the Perbacco Wine Club, Il Molinaccio is a young boutique winery, led by Alessandro Sartini, producing one of the most elegant Sangioveses in all Tuscany. Located in one of the coolest areas of Montepulciano, Il Molinaccio produces a ‘cool climate’ Vino Nobile, ‘La Spinosa’(The Porcupine). Pale Red Ruby color with a precise and graceful bouquet of quintessential elegance, the wine presents notes of maraschino cherry, red rose, red currants, dried apricot, herbaceous hints of freshly cut grass and a balsamic touch of eucalyptus. Palate is Jazz, sophisticated, with a marked flavor of red currants: ‘La Spinosa’ is gentle, almost whispered at the beginning but has a rhythmic progression of red fleshed fruits and eucalyptus, in a sapid finish. Production is limited to 4'000 bts. 100% Sangiovese . 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through: 2024-2027. Open 2h before. Price Range $31

  • Il Molinaccio Toscana IGT Rosso n.v. ‘L’Allocco’

    Song: Natural Blues by Moby. A blend of 2020 and 2021 vintages, ‘L’Allocco’ (Tawny Owl) has the ruby/purple color typical of the Merlot and opens with intense notes of raspberry, cherry with spirit, withered violet, black currant and a sweet note of velvet cake, with the overallcharacteristic elegance of Il Molinaccio wines. Palate is intense, with a succulent and refreshing explosion of red-fleshed fruits such as red currant and raspberry. Tannin is gentle and velvety, with a lingering sapid finish. A beautiful and rare version of cool climate Merlot from Tuscany, far from the jammy and opulent ‘mainstream’ Supertuscans. Production is limited to 2’000 bts. 10% Sangiovese, 5% Cannonau, 85% Merlot. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2024-2026. Open 1h before. Price Range $29

  • Castello Romitorio Toscana IGT Rosso 2022 ‘Brio‘

    Song: You Get What You Give by The Radicals. Founded in 1984 by the worldwide popular artist Sandro Chia, one of the leading exponents of the Italian Transavantgarde movement, Castello Romitorio has now become one of the leading wineries in Montalcino. Under the fearless guidance of Sandro’s son, Filippo, the estate combines the tradition of the territory of Montalcino with futuristic technologies. Surrounded by luscious forest, Romitorio has a special micro-climate with cooler nights, offering elegant Sangioveses of the finest quality. ‘Brio’ is the young and cool brother of the Brunello, a playful, energetic Sangiovese. With a shiny ruby red color, Brio opens with a crunchy cherry, herbaceous notes and an ensemble of rose petals. In the palate is fresh, lively, clean and neat, with a compulsive drinkability and a joyful aftertaste of sour cherry. A wine that offers a new, surprising energetic Pop version of the Sangiovese from Montalcino. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2024-2025. Open and drink. Price Range $28

  • Vini Franchetti Toscana IGT Rosso 2022 ‘Petit Sancaba‘

    Song: Cantaloupe Island by Herbie Hancock. In 2011 Carlo Franchetti, cousin of the late Andrea Franchetti iconic winemaker of Trinoro winery, started Sancaba, a parallel project based on Pinot Noir in San Casciano Dei Bagni, in the South-Eastern side of Tuscany. With higher altitudes and a biodynamic approach to winemaking, Sancaba shows the most elegant side of the wines from Franchetti family, with a Burgundy-style Pinot Noir that shows lightheartedness and impeccable quality. With a bright, pale ruby red color, the wine opens with elegant and delicate notes of red fruits, wild rose, crunchy cherry, red currants, undergrowth and intriguing scents of coffee and cocoa beans. In the palate appears more similar to a great rosé wine: fresh yet with a surprising elegance, typical of great Pinot Noirs, dancing in the palate with the grace of a Ballerina, with an almost imperceptible tannin but a refreshing aftertaste of currants and wild roses. While Andrea’s Trinoro represents the epee of the Franchetti Family, Carlo’s Sancaba is the foil. Production is limited to 5’000 bts. 100% Pinot Noir. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2024-2025. Open 1h Before. Price Range: $39

  • Barbaglia Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo DOC 2022 ‘Il Silente’

    Song: D’yer Mak’er by Led Zeppelin. Depopulated by the industrialization of the 20th century, Boca Doc, with its 50 acres of vineyards divided among 9 wineries, is one of the smallest appellations in Italy, producing fine Nebbiolos (aka Spanna in the area) in the very north of Piedmont, at the foothill of Monte Rosa. The area has cooler temperatures than Langhe, producing elegant wines that resemble pre-climate change Barolos. Silvia Barbaglia runs this incredible boutique winery and I fell in love with the elegance and authenticity of her wines. Il Silente is one of the most lighthearted and joyful expression of Nebbiolo, with a ruby/garnet red color and elegant notes of wild rose, tart cherry, peppermint, peach, cardamom and mineral notes of wet stone and flint, given by the mineral debris from the mountains. Palate is subtle, yet complex and refined, with well polished tannins and a lingering sapid finish of sour cherry and rose. A wine that follows the all Piedmontese principle of ‘less is more’, with low sophistication in the cellar, to leave the expressiveness of the flavor intact. Production is limited to 2’700 bts. 100% Spanna (Nebbiolo). 1bt in Shipment . Drink through 2024-2027. Open 1h before. Price Range $30

  • Barbaglia Colline Novaresi DOC 2022 ‘Cascina del Buonumore‘

    Song: Cheek to Cheek by Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong. Cascina del Buonumore by Silvia Barbaglia, one of the most elegant and pleasant wines I have tasted in the past years, is the typical blend of Nebbiolo and Vespolina typical of Northern Piedmont. With a luminescent ruby red color, the wine opens with fragrant notes of rose petals, tart cherry, orange blossoms, sweet chocolate, wet stones and an herbaceous note of dried leaves. In the palate, a feast for the tastebuds, with a graceful side of sour cherry, a subtle tannin and a sapid, never-ending finish of pomegranate. I can’t help but compulsively drink this wine, best paired with some fine Jazz, Production is limited to 3'000bts. 85% Nebbiolo, 15% Vespolina. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through: 2024-2029. Open 1h before. Price$45