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Alberto Burzi - Barolo Cru "Capalot" Vecchie Viti Docg 2015

Alberto Burzi - Barolo Cru "Capalot" Vecchie Viti Docg 2015

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100 % Nebbiolo

The Vineyard “Gasprina”, the grapes come from, is a single vineyard in the area of La Morra, precisely in the village Capallotti. This vineyard is the oldest of the estate, dating back to World War II, elevation 300 meters above sea level and a southern exposure.

The Pruning: the training method is the Guyot, with a plantation density of 5000 stumps/Ha, typical of Langhe. Due to the vines longevity, some have been replaced by new ones coming from buds of the original plants. Every stump is pruned leaving 7-8 buds, this allows to realize a total production of 40HL/Ha.

In The Cellar during the fermentation a constant work of pumping over is manually carried out; the maceration can last between 30 and 60 days according to the vintage and it is carried out in stainless steel (under a controlled temperature) with the technique of “submerged cap”. This technique consists in the closure of the superior part of a tank with oak boards placed in a parallel manner. Then, the steel tank is filled leaving the skins (“the cap”) submerged in the wine: this allows a very elegant passage of the noble substances contained in the skins.
The malolactic fermentation and the aging are made in Austrian oak barrels of 30 HL, not roasted, in order to preserve perfumes and qualities typical of the native earth.


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