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Alberto Burzi -Barolo Docg 2014

Alberto Burzi -Barolo Docg 2014

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100 % Nebbiolo

The grapes come from different vineyards in the area of La Morra with a variable age between 25 and 60 years, with names such as “Rive”, “Roncaglia” and “Rocchettevino”.

The Pruning: the training method is the Guyot, with a plantation density of 5000 stumps/Ha, typical of Langhe. Each stump is pruned leaving 8 buds, this leads to a total production of 50HL/Ha.

In The Cellar the maceration is carried out at controlled temperature for 15 days in steel tanks with daily and manual pumping over; the maceration is followed by the delestage during high fermentation. The maximum temperature during the fermentation process is 29 ° C. This, not only, allows us to get a good polyphenolic extraction, but it also limits excessive volatilization of fruity aromas. The malolactic fermentation and the aging are made in big Austrian’s oak barrels of 30 HL in order to preserve perfumes and qualities typical of the native territory.

Purpose: traditionally Barolo was obtained blending grapes that came from several valuable plantations in order to emphasize the strengths of each vineyard. Only later people started to give value to the qualities of a single cru. In this case, we go back to tradition and feel the structure and aromas of the different vineyards that create a classic Barolo, representative of the area La Morra.

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