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Avignonesi - Capannelle 50 &50 Igt 1999

Avignonesi - Capannelle 50 &50 Igt 1999

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50 % Sangiovese 50 % Merlot

From the friendship that links the owners of Avignonesi in Montepulciano and Capannelle in Chianti comes our sought after 50&50 wine. The first vintage of 50&50 was 1988: during a jovial dinner the former owners of the two wineries started to compare their wines, and came up with this exceptional blend of 50% Sangiovese from Capannelle and 50% Merlot from Avignonesi. Legend in a bottle.

50&50 has a deep, dark ruby red color with purple hues. In the nose it shows a fragrance of small red fruits, black currant, black cherry and cassis which then leave room for harmonious nuances of sweet spices such as vanilla and sandalwood. In the mouth it is satisfying and sweetness and tannins are perfectly combined in a wide, elegant, decisive and round taste symphony. Ripe fruit and spices return and the aftertaste releases its balsamic mint and thyme. The finish is long and soft.

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