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Barbaglia Vino rosso Colline Novaresi DOC Uva Rara 2022

Barbaglia Vino rosso Colline Novaresi DOC Uva Rara 2022

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Boca, with its 50 acres of vineyards divided among 9 wineries, is one of the smallest appellations in Italy, producing fine Nebbiolos (called Spanna in the area) in the very north of Piedmont, at the foothill of Monte Rosa. The area has cooler temperatures than Langhe, producing elegant wines that resemble pre-climate change Barolos.

100% Uva Rara. 12% vol.

Silvia Barbaglia’s Uva Rara, a rare varietal typical of Northern Piedmont, is pure joy, with a beautiful ruby red color and notes of rose petals, red & black currants, a sweet/peppery note of black tea, sour orange and menthol. I’d
recommend to drink this wine at slightly cooler temperatures of 13°C/55°F, in order to enhance its freshness and vibrant character. Palate is playful, with a refreshing side of wild rose and red currants and almost imperceptible tannins, with a sapid finish that makes it extremely enjoyable, leaving the tastebuds craving for another glass.

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