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Fanetti Tenuta Sant'Agnese Nobile Riserva Docg 2017

Fanetti Tenuta Sant'Agnese Nobile Riserva Docg 2017

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Vino Nobile is an historic wine. This was the very first DOCG certified appellation in all of Italy. Confusing to many foks, it is not made from Montepulciano grapes, but instead is from the village of Montepulciano. This is one of the great Tuscan wines. While Sangiovese is the main player in most Tuscan wines, Vino Nobile is no different, except they call it, Prunolo Gentile. Strictly traditional hand harvesting, bunch by bunch, cask aging in giant chestnut "botti" or wooden tanks, and declared only for Royalty, Vino Nobile still holds a royal mystique among wine drinkers.

Serving Suggestion: Prime aged beef, grilled with black pepper and drizzled with olive oil; grilled ciabatta bread rubbed with garlic and topped with prosciutto and olive oil.

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