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Grattamacco Bolgheri Vermentino Doc 2013

Grattamacco Bolgheri Vermentino Doc 2013

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The colder and wetter trend than usual this year has in no way tarnished the tough character of this variety. On the contrary, the grapes have gained in vitality and freshness. The last ten days of September were dry and sunny and allowed to harvest the Vermentino, with its unique golden colour and full aromatic maturation. Citrus and mineral notes characterize the olfactory impact, along with scents of wildflowers. In the mouth we find the personal flavour of this wine, which goes well with the cool vintage character and light creaminess donated by the long aging.

Foods Parings

Goes well with all fish preparations, and, for its smoothness and aroma, particularly with Tuscan antipasti, crostini and cold cuts. Also try with fricassee of veal or soft cheese.

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