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Mastrojanni Brunello di Montalcino Docg 2019

Mastrojanni Brunello di Montalcino Docg 2019

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Hand picking of the grapes started September 30th, in order to favor the complexity and structure of the Sangiovese.

The grapes were selected at the sorting table based on quality, destemmed, pressed and by gravitational fall, they were collected in resin-coated and brushed concrete tanks. Here the alcoholic fermentation process began and, based on its progress, pumpovers or delestages were carried out daily.


36 months in Allier, Slavonian and Styrian oak barrels with volumes between 16 hl, 33 hl  and 54 hl.


Brilliant ruby red with garnet reflections.


Intriguing in its young classicism, it highlights ripe fruity notes enhanced by a varied spiciness.


Austere with an intense entry that ends pleasantly tannic and savory on the palate.

Bottles produced: 77.000


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