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Podere Colle Primo - "Collorosso" Igt 2019

Podere Colle Primo - "Collorosso" Igt 2019

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The Vineyard

The grapes for the winemaking of Collorosso also come from Le Nuvole vineyard, planted more than 65 years ago at 300 meters high, south-west orientation, and a few kilometers from Arezzo, in the Casentino valley. It occupies a total area of only 0.7 hectares and has about 3000 strains managed with the Guyot breeding method. Here, with constant tastings, we select, year after year, our grapes with characteristics geared to produce a wine mostly in the short-term, generally coming from the youngest strains.

The Soil

The soil contains an equal percentage of sand, silt, and clay and is particularly rich in Galestro and Alberese. These factors, together with the grassing, the soil structure, and in particular the percentage of stony components, allow the youngest vines to produce a wine like Collorosso, fresh, tasty with strong floral notes and a bold drinkability.


The vineyard management focuses on non-invasive agriculture according to biological principles, manual work, and targeted interventions to promote a good vegetative/reproductive balance of the plants, in particular, younger vines. The spontaneous and integral grassing, in the vineyard, is entirely managed thanks to the grazing of the substantial presence of ornamental ducks and geese, which allow us to exclude fertilization practices, shallow tillage, and, above all, the use of pesticides and herbicides. Its name Collorosso derives from the very first breed of geese that have settled in the vineyard, and whose image is on the label.


Grapes are harvested in crates by hand and directly selected in the vineyard. The winemaking process begins after the de-stemming of bunches, which after a soft pressing, ferment into steel vats. The fermentation generally lasts six-eight days, followed by a maceration of about a further week.


Our wines, after the racking, are stored in various types of woods and a small quantity of them in steel vats, where the spontaneous malolactic fermentation takes place. For the first six months, the batches selected for the production of Collorosso refine, separately in barrels of different capacities, grains, and seasonings, as well as in steel vats. They are afterward, assembled and continue their aging process for six more months, for a total of twelve months of refinement.


Collorosso is a wine that makes fragrance its hallmark, in which everything revolves around the freshness of fruit, in a game of crunchiness and juiciness. In its bottle, all the typical hints of Sangiovese combine with a subtle, vibrant tannic texture, which enhances its flavor, making it vigorously and lively.

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