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Produttori di Carema Carema Doc Riserva 2015

Produttori di Carema Carema Doc Riserva 2015

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Song: Hey You by Pink Floyd A great Nebbiolo made by this Wine
Cooperative, active in the incredible town of Carema, Northern Piedmont, where hillsides are so steep that the 101
small growers had to build terraces with walls of stones, contributing to the beauty of landscape. Scents of
Maraschino cherry, red rose and wild flowers, cola: palate is complex, velvety and savory, with a pleasant freshness
to balance the structure. A great wine in which it is possible to appreciate the effort of each one of the 101 small
growers from Carema, who work hard for the preservation of the landscape of the area while making a great wine:
as the Pink Floyd would say in this great tune taken by iconic album The Wall, ‘Together we stand, divided we fall’
100% Nebbiolo. Drink 2020-2022. Open 2h before.

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