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Riecine di Riecine Igt 2020

Riecine di Riecine Igt 2020

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One of the most iconic labels of the Chianti area, this Igt Sangiovese is produced in limited quantity, 2000 bottles, as selection of the best grapes from the older vines of the amazing estate Riecine, in Gaiole. A bouquet of otherworldly elegance and complexity that recalls some of the finest wines of Burgundy: blood orange, olive, Jasmine tea, red fleshed fruits, black currant, blackberry and ripe peach, with other countless, elegant notes such as wet forest, freshly cut grass, incense and earthy note of roots typical of old vines. A wine of extraordinary finesse. Palate is elegant, delicate, with a slight spice of black pepper, olive, succulent red fruits: sapid, with a creamy tannin and a raspberry aftertaste. A true monument to the most elegant side of Sangiovese and the Chianti area. 100% Sangiovese

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