Theme of the Shipment: “FAMILY-RUN WINERIES"

These wines have been selected by Francesco. We firmly believe that this selection represents the best we can offer in this price range. We are proud to present each one of these wines and we hope you will enjoy them till the last drop. Each bottle will be paired with an iconic song that reflects the personality of the wine.

  • Tiberini Vino Nobile di Montepulciano ‘Podere le Caggiole’ Docg 2019 Song: Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. The story of the Tiberini family, former sharecroppers who have achieved to buy the farm after decades of hard labor, is a summary of the economy and culture of the 20th century in Tuscany. Located in one of the best areas of Montepulciano, the 5th, 6th and 7th generations of Tiberini produce a traditional Vino Nobile, with elegant notes of maraschino, dried violet, leather, cinnamon, chocolate and an intriguing touch of bloody orange. Palate is impacting, yet elegant; the generosity of the 2019 vintage is balanced by a good freshness and by the maraschino cherry taste, with a succulent tannin, for a fulfilling and long finish of Jasmine tea. A great classic in a fantastic vintage, pure Rock’n’Roll with a Jazzy twist. No sulphites added! 90% Sangiovese, 5% Mammolo, 5% Canaiolo. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through: 2023-2026. Open 2h before. Price range $25

  • I Cipressi Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Docg 2019 Song: Father and Son by Cat Stevens. I Cipressi is a 12 acres estate in the heart of Montepulciano, where the Frangiosas run the two-men show, in a typical father and son partnership that combines the experience of Luigi with the energy of Manuel. Their Vino Nobile opens with elegant notes of maraschino cherry, ripe violet, cinnamon, sandalwood and orange. The palate confirms both the elegance and the greatness of this Sangiovese and of the 2019 great vintage with flavors of maraschino, raspberry and sandalwood. The wine is fulfilling, balanced by the freshness typical of Sangiovese and a polished tannin. Drinking this rare gem is like having Montepulciano in a glass! 100% Sangiovese. 2bts in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2025. Open 2h before. Price range $24

  • Ricci Brunello di Montalcino Docg 2018 Song: Lullaby by The Cure. The Ricci family, now with the siblings Ferruccio & Ida, is the proprietor of one of the oldest winemaking estates in Montalcino, located precisely in the small town of Sant’Angelo in Colle. While their vineyards are no>ced for the beau>ful roses that are planted as an early warning system in case of diseases of the vines, their wines represent the generosity of the Sangiovese from the western side of Montalcino Intense notes of sour cherry, blackberries, candied orange zest, geraniums, balm, graphite and tobacco. Palate is rich, balanced with the mouthwatering freshness typical both of Brunello and 2018 vintage, with a long-lasting finish of tobacco, geranium and red fleshed fruit. While usually Brunello has a Rock abtude, this 2018 has more of an Alternative/Rock personality, such as this timeless masterpiece by The Cure. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2027. Open 3h Before. Price range: $42

  • Ricci Rosso di Montalcino Doc 2021 Song: Wake me up when September ends by Green Day. A wine that has erroneously been labeled in the past as ‘Baby Brunello’, Rosso di Montalcino has a defined and unique personality, and it is now living a moment of incredible popularity due to its lighter structure and more affordable price compared to its ‘elder brother’, Brunello. Shiny red ruby color, the wine offers a floral and fruity bouquet of red rose, violet, crunchy cherry, dark chocolate, scorched earth and a peppery note of dark tea. Palate is vibrant, fresh with crunchy cherry, red rose, a grippy tannin and an aftertaste of black tea. A beautiful and more Pop/Punk version of Sangiovese from Montalcino. 100% Sangiovese. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2025. Open 1h Before. Price range: $19

  • Antonelli San Marco Sagrantino di Montefalco Docg 2016Song: Enter Sandman by Metallica. Proprietors of the estate since 1881, the Antonelli family is still actively managing the winery in the region of Umbria, the ‘Green heart of Italy’. I am happy for the debut of Umbrian wines and Sagrantino grape within the Perbacco Wine Club; the rich soil of Montefalco, combined with the strength of one of the most tannic grapes in the world, gives birth to a powerful, luscious wine. Red ruby color. Bouquet is ethereal and complex: orange zest, red berries, wild strawberry, black pepper, tobacco, cinnamon, dried apricot, leather, oregano. In the palate it is broad, well structured with the intense, firm tannin typical of Sagrantino, perfectly paired with a succulent steak and Hard Rock/Metal music. 100% Sagrantino. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2029. Open 4h before. Price range $39

  • Antonelli San Marco Montefalco Rosso Riserva Doc 2019 Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. From the selection of the best Sangiovese from the estate, blended with the local Umbrian varietal Sagrantino, this Montefalco Rosso Riserva offers an interesting alternative to the great Sangioveses of Tuscany. The color is a shiny red ruby. In the glass, crunchy cherry, wild rose, cloves, mint, aroma>c herbs. Palate is pure Grunge music, vibrant and energetic. The firm tannin typical of Sangrantino is balanced by the mouthwatering freshness of Sangiovese, with aromas of crushed red currants and black tea, for a long, savory finish. 80% Sangiovese, 20% Sagrantino. 1bt in shipment. Drink Through 2023-2026. Open 2h before. Price range $28

  • Gulfi ‘NeroJbleo’ Sicilia Igt 2021 Song: While my Guitar Gently Weeps by The Beatles. The vision of Gulfi takes shape in 1996, with the dream of Mr. Vito Catania, whose goal was to bring the family's olive oil and wine farm to a whole new level, producing great wines in an area of Sicily where vineyards have existed for more than 2000 years. Now led by Vito’s sons Maieo, Davide & Raffaele, Gulfi produces some of the best Nero d’Avolas in the world. Nerojbleo is the selection of the best grapes from the estate in Chiaramonte, in the heart of Sicily. With a deep purple color, this wine is a marvelous fruit basket of dark cherries, blackberries, blood oranges, dried plums, with notes of violet, sage, Mediterranean scrub, chocolate, cinnamon and pencil case. Like in all Gulfi’s Nero d’Avolas, the palate is where the magic happens: fulfilling, persistent, fresh. The wine has a big impact typical of the grape varietal, a mouthwatering freshness of crushed blackberries and a beautifully polished tannin, with a lingering finish of black currant and chocolate. Best paired with the White Album by The Beatles, my favorite album of all times. 100% Nero d’Avola. 1bt in Shipment . Drink through 2023-2024. Open 1h before. Price $27

  • Gulfi Cru ‘NeroBaronj’ Sicilia Doc 2018 Song: London Calling by The Clash. NeroBaronj is one of the 4 crus of Nero d’Avola in Pachino, close to the eastern shore of Sicily, terroir of elec>on for this grape varietal, where the harsh soil of the area shapes this intense and mediterranean wine. Color is deep purple, the bouquet opens with floral notes of wild rose, eucalyptus, gorse: then a progression of black currants, maraschino cherry, candied orange, graphite and cloves. Palate is fresh and savory, with a marked flavor of crushed sour cherry and a perfectly tamed tannin for a refreshing and long lasting finish of black currants. Balsamic and mineral, with a true Punk/Rock personality, this wine represents the sublimation of Nero d’Avola.100% Nero d’Avola. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2027. Open 2h before. Price $35

  • Scarzello Langhe Nebbiolo Doc 2021 Song: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. The Scarzellos, winemakers in Barolo since 1947, have always followed the tradi>onal style, in order to produce authen>c and expressive wines. Now led by Federico, the estate, which is only 11 acres of vineyard, has become one of the points of reference for ‘Old school’ Barolos. A more immediate and playful version of Barolo, this Nebbiolo shines in the glass with a transparent ruby color. Fruity and floral bouquet, with wild rose, geranium, wild strawberry, crunchy cherry, herbs and sweet spices of cinnamon. Palate is vibrant, mouthwatering with an intense sensation of pomegranate and wild strawberry that enhances a consistent finish with a well polished tannin. A more Pop, yet Groovy, version of its elder brother Barolo, this Nebbiolo is a joy for all senses and for the wallet!100% Nebbiolo. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2024. Open 1h before. Price Range $27

  • Scarzello Barbera d’Alba Superiore Doc 2020 Song: Ready or Not by Fugees. In a romantic commitment to the tradi>on and legacy of the family, Federico Scarzello has decided to keep the old vines of Barbera in the estate, not giving in to the temptation of replacing them with the more profitable Nebbiolo and we are grateful for this incredible wine. Brace yourselves for one of the most juicy and mouthwatering Barberas! Pale purple color, the bouquet is a fantastic progression of red fleshed fruits such as raspberries and dark cherries, violet, talc, vanilla, and a delicate note of mint. Palate is R’n’B/Soul music, juicy, with a silky tannin that leads to a luscious, refreshing finish of raspberries and violet. 100% Barbera. 1bt in Shipment. Drink Through 2023-2024. Open 2h before. Price range $30

  • Piaggia Carmignano ‘Il Sasso’ Docg 2021 Song: Africa by Toto. Located in the historical winemaking area of Carmignano, where Cabernet Sauvignon was imported from France and blended with Sangiovese almost 500 years ago, Mauro Vannucci started the winery in the 70s, with the goal of producing high quality wines in this glorious appellation. Silvia Vannucci is now taking care of the ‘family business’ and she led the estate to be a point of reference for the whole Carmignano appellation. I am usually not a big fan of Sangiovese blended with international grapes but Carmignano has a glorious history with Cabernet, which is treated like a local varietal. Deep ruby color. Intense bouquet of black currants, dark cherry, roasted pepper, blueberries, chocolate, leather, eucalyptus, red rose and dark spices such as licorice. Palate is rich and succulent, a perfect combination among the freshness of Sangiovese, the warmth of Merlot and the power of Cabernet Sauvignon, for an intense taste of dark cherry, sandalwood, red pepper and chocolate. This wine is the perfect compromise between Rock Sangiovese and Pop Super Tuscan, like this masterpiece from the Italian/American band Toto. 70%Sangiovese,30% Cab.Sauv,Cab.Franc,Pet.Verdot. 1bt in Shipment.Drink Through2023-2027.Open2h before. Price range $37